AWS Certified Developer Associate Beta 2018 Recap

I just got back from sitting the AWS Developer exam and had a few thoughts

First off a much different exam from the present. The main topics covered included:

AWS Lambda

Code Deploy

Code Commit

Code Pipeline


Lots of questions on what do you do when you deploy an on-premise or legacy app into AWS.

As it was a Beta exam you don’t get your results for 90 days. I think I did pretty well but I’m going to stop short of saying I think I passed. If I did fail it I get a free voucher for a retake.


Hopefully I passed and I can get my voucher for 50% off the Devops Professional exam.


So if you are looking to take the AWS Developer exam you will probably want to schedule this ASAP before the old exam is retired as this new exam is radically different and heavily focused on CI/CD, Serverless architecture and, various deployment methods.


Bash Scripting & Ansible + Nginx + AWS

I made this quick video so I can show you how I work with Ansible and Bash scripting to deploy nginx to a Amazon Web Services EC2 Image. Ansible you just need a SSH key so, using bash to install the playbooks is a great option. Of course this isn’t something you would want to do for a fully automated configuration management solution. Puppet and Chef are much more suited for that type of application. #aws #cloud #iot #data

Using BASH Scripting to install Ansible for a Nginx Install on AWS EC2 Instance

I came across this script I wrote a while back that was on my github. It’s an example how you canĀ  use Ansible playbooks along with simple bash scripting to bootstrap machines. It’s not exactly cutting edge but I enjoyed coming across it again:


#install ansible
yum install wget -y
rpm -ivh epel-release-7-8.noarch.rpm
yum install ansible -y

cd $HOME
mkdir -p ansible-nginx/tasks/
touch ansible-nginx/deploy.yml
touch ansible-nginx/tasks/install_nginx.yml

#populate deploy.yml

echo -e “# ./ansible-nginx/deploy.yml

– hosts: localhost
– include: ‘tasks/install_nginx.yml'” > $HOME/ansible-nginx/deploy.yml

#populate install_nginx.yml

echo -e “# ./ansible-nginx/tasks/install_nginx.yml

– name: NGINX | Installing NGINX repo rpm

– name: NGINX | Installing NGINX
name: nginx
state: latest

– name: NGINX | Starting NGINX
name: nginx
state: started
” > $HOME/ansible-nginx/tasks/install_nginx.yml


#install nginx
sudo ansible-playbook -c local $HOME/ansible-nginx/deploy.yml

#populate with index.html

echo -e “<html>
<title>NWEA tech_quiz sample index.html</title>
<body bgcolor=white>

<table border=”0″ cellpadding=”10″>
<h1>Hello, this is the sample page</h1>

</html>” > /usr/share/nginx/html/index.html

#edit default.conf to listen on port 8888
sed -i -e ‘s/80/8888/g’ /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf

#configure se linux to allow systemctl to function
semanage permissive -a “httpd_t”

#reload nginx
systemctl restart nginx.service