AWS Certified Developer Associate Beta 2018 Recap

I just got back from sitting the AWS Developer exam and had a few thoughts

First off a much different exam from the present. The main topics covered included:

AWS Lambda

Code Deploy

Code Commit

Code Pipeline


Lots of questions on what do you do when you deploy an on-premise or legacy app into AWS.

As it was a Beta exam you don’t get your results for 90 days. I think I did pretty well but I’m going to stop short of saying I think I passed. If I did fail it I get a free voucher for a retake.


Hopefully I passed and I can get my voucher for 50% off the Devops Professional exam.


So if you are looking to take the AWS Developer exam you will probably want to schedule this ASAP before the old exam is retired as this new exam is radically different and heavily focused on CI/CD, Serverless architecture and, various deployment methods.